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Elevate your Golf Swing 
with instruction and easy-to-understand data

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FeedbacK's hands-free AI enabled
video analysis golf training system

Game On!

Augment your practice area with an AI enabled video analysis system


Swing Video Analysis

Ideal video analysis solution for: 

  • Individual Enthusiasts

  • Golf Clubs and Courses

  • Golf Instructors and Coaches

  • Professional Golfers

  • Sports and Recreation Facilities

  • Corporate and Event Spaces: 

  • Homeowners with Dedicated Spaces 

  • Golf Retailers and Manufacturers

  • Golf Simulator Rental Businesses

  • Golf Simulator Manufacturers and Distributors


AI enable Fault Detection

Golfer receives AI enabled golf swing fault detection with coaching recommendation.   Instant swing fault detection while the swing is still in muscle memory helps the golf make corrections and improve.


More than Data

Coach AI converts 3D movement data for 33 body points and provides easy to understand data motion plots.   Golfers and instructors alike can focus on information about the swing based on data.

By turning data into information CoachAI adds significant value to the golfer and instructor by transforming raw, unorganized data into meaningful insights and knowledge


Advanced Tech

Video analysis allows golfers to see their swing in action. This visual feedback is invaluable for understanding the mechanics of the swing, identifying flaws, and making necessary adjustments. Coaches and golfers can break down the golf swing frame by frame, analyzing each phase to assess the golfer's mechanics. Automatic construction lines helps in identifying issues such as improper posture, alignment,  or swing path.


​Video analysis with CoachAI is a valuable tool for golfers seeking to enhance their skills, understand their swing mechanics, and make informed adjustments to improve their overall performance on the golf course.


  • Two high-speed cameras

  • Synchronized video analysis

  • API integration

  • No launch monitor required

  • No additional computer required

  • All-in-One 27" display with HDMI output to support dual monitors

  • Hands-free operation with on-demand video replay



FeedbacK's CoachAI Golf Sway Fault

AI Fault Detection


  • Hips / knees moving side-to-side

  • Weight on forward leg


  • Head / hips moving side-to-side

  • Weight on rear leg




Motion Analysis Plots

Swing Stages

  • ​8 stages including transition and impact

6 Degrees of Freedom

  • Side-to-Side | Rotate Around Spine

  • Lift and Dip | Bend Front to Back

  • Forward and Back | Bend Side-to-Side

Body Segments

  • Head (Ear-to-Ear)

  • Pelvis (Hip-to-Hip)

  • Shoulders

FeedbacK's CoachAI Golf Voice Activation

Voice Activation

Sample "Hey, Coach" Voice Commands

  • ​Replay last video

  • Compare recent face-on videos

  • Replay half speed

  • Show video Clubhouse

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*Expected to ship early 2024.

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