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Elevate your Golf Swing 
with instruction and easy-to-understand data

CoachAI System in action
CoachAI - Logo dark background.png

Hands-free, AI-enabled video analysis system for precision golf swing improvement

Product Line


  • Hands-free operation with on-demand instant video replay

  • High-speed minimum blur cameras

  • Synchronized video analysis of two views

  • Automatic detection of right- and left-hand golfers (requires 3 camera configuration)

  • API integration

  • No launch monitor required

  • No additional computer required



FeedbacK's CoachAI Golf Sway Fault

AI Fault Detection


  • Hips / knees moving side-to-side

  • Weight transfer during swing


  • Head / hips moving side-to-side

  • Weight transfer during swing



FeedbacK's CoachAI Golf Analysis
FeedbacK's CoachAI Golf Good Swing
FeedbacK's CoachAI Golf Sway Fault

Motion Analysis Plots

Swing Stages

  • ​8 stages including transition and impact

6 Degrees of Freedom

  • Side-to-Side | Rotate Around Spine

  • Lift and Dip | Bend Front to Back

  • Forward and Back | Bend Side-to-Side

Body Segments

  • Head (Ear-to-Ear)

  • Pelvis (Hip-to-Hip)

  • Shoulders

FeedbacK's CoachAI Golf Voice Activation

Voice Activation

Sample "Hey, Coach" Voice Commands

  • ​Replay last video

  • Compare recent face-on videos

  • Replay half speed

  • Show video Clubhouse

CoachAI Golfer

Game On!

Upgrade your space with an AI-enabled video analysis system


Precision Performance Insights

Elevate your game with CoachAI's high-speed minimum blur cameras and synchronized video analysis. We don't just provide data - we deliver insightful information about your swing. Uncover detailed Motion Analysis Plots for each stage, covering 8 key phases, 6 Degrees of Freedom, and segmented analysis of crucial body components. Let CoachAI transform raw data into actionable insights for a more refined and effective swing.


AI-Powered Fault Detection and Personalized FeedbacK

Refined by AI, CoachAI doesn't just identify faults; it provides personalized feedback in real-time. Our system goes beyond basic swing analysis, detecting and correcting nuances in your backswing and downswing. Receive information, not just data, about hips/knees moving side-to-side, weight distribution issues, and head/hip movement irregularities. Elevate your performance with insights tailored specifically for you.


Seamless Integration into Your Routine

CoachAI seamlessly integrates into your training routine, eliminating the need for a launch monitor or an additional computer. Enjoy hands-free operation and on-demand video replay without disruptions. We provide the tools, and a streamlined experience that effortlessly fits into your workflow, offering you the freedom to focus on your game while we take care of the analysis.


Intuitive Voice Activation for Effortless Control

Say goodbye to the mouse with CoachAI's intuitive voice activation. Simply say "Hey, Coach" to replay your last video, compare recent face-on videos, slow down the replay speed, display the video Clubhouse, or draw reference lines for Down-the-Line analysis. Experience total control with the power of your voice, turning complex data into easy-to-understand information.


Total Freedom, No Compromises, Just Information

Enjoy total freedom in your training sessions with CoachAI. Experience hands-free operation, on-demand replay, and AI-driven fault detection without cumbersome equipment. No launch monitor required, no additional computer needed. CoachAI is not just a tool, it's a source of valuable information tailored to your game. Elevate your play without compromises – because you deserve insights, not just data.

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